The Best Places In Czech Republic

This site consists of hopefully growing number of articles (and photos) about my favorite places in my home country. I hope it might help some tourists choose where to go and what to do here. Of course, the selection is very subjective and incomplete. It is definitely not meant as a tourist guide but rather a couple of “tips and tricks” (and photos, too) for those who like to consult alternative sources for their decisions.

Here is my top ten chart of the places to visit in Czechia. It might be a coincidence, but again it might not, that these are exactly all the Czech places registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

1. Praha (the capital)
2. Český Krumlov, Holašovice
3. Brno
4. Olomouc
5. Kroměříž
6. Telč
7. Třebíč, Žďár nad Sázavou
8. Litomyšl
9. Kutná Hora
10. Lednice-Valtice Area

There are a lot of other interesting places as well. The list is not final and will grow with time. It is sorted out according to the approximate distance and position from the center of Prague.

  • Karlštejn (30 km SW, Gothic castle)
  • Mladá Boleslav (60 NE, city of cars with a nice historical center and a car museum)
  • Orlík (80 S, reservoir on Vltava river with castles Orlik and Zvíkov on both ends; a unique bridge – Žďákovský most – close to Orlík castle)
  • Český Ráj (90 NE, Czech Paradise-impressive sandstone “rock towns”, chateaus, castles both preserved and ruins between two historical towns of Jičín and Turnov)
  • Plzeň (95 W, Pilsen = City Of Beer No.1)
  • Písek (105 S, historical town with the oldest stone bridge in Bohemia)
  • Liberec and Ještěd (110 N, nice city and a hill with a unique hotel completing the hill shape)
  • Hradec Králové (120 E, historical city with unique architecture both old and modern)
  • Karlovy Vary (130 W, famous spa with a unique atmosphere)
  • Jaroměř-Josefov (130 E, historical military complex), Kuks (baroque spa), Dvůr Králové (open-air ZOO)
  • Třeboň (140 S, nice historical town)
  • České Budějovice (150 S, Budweiss = City of Beer No.2; romantic chateau Hluboká close by)
  • Cheb (170 W, historical town with a beautiful town square)
  • Jeseník (243 E, nice historical town with a famous spa nearby, also a starting point of tours to the beautiful surrounding mountains)
  • Hranice na Moravě (320 E, historical town center, aragonite caves close by)
  • Ostrava (350 E, industrial city with abandoned steelworks turned to exhibition areas, United Colors musical festival)
  • Rožnov pod Radhoštěm (360 E, open-air museum), Valašské Meziříčí